The Ushuaia Rabbit

A bedtime story for the imaginative mind.

I came across this short story on the flash fiction website The author of this tale, the Argentinian writer Fernando Sorrentino (translated by Michele McKay Aynesworth), writes short but clever and fantastic stories, which tend to reveal themselves in unexpected ways as you go on. This story begins in one place, ends in another, and traverses places inbetween that simply grow curiouser and curiouser.

Think of Sorrentino like a Lewis Carroll with a much more wry sense of humour.

I narrated this story late one evening, much past my own bedtime; as a result, I believe the telling takes on a quieter, more intimate telling. I realized afterward that this is exactly the sort of story I would want to make up on a whim, perhaps whilst lying on the floor next to my children, telling them one last story before bed.

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