Gather The Suspects Podcast

In October 2020 I had the pleasure of joining the cast of a pandemic-lockdown production of a serial podcast, appropriately headlined “A cosy murder mystery during a very boring apocalypse.” The international cast featured many top talents and was a pleasure to perform with. On March 9th, 2021, it premiered across all major platforms and was very well received.

You can listen to the podcast natively on Podbean, or via Apple Podcasts/Google Play/podcatcher of your preference!

Lifeforms – “We Are The Pigs”

I just got word that a project I lent some voice to nearly eight months ago has been released. J.H.M. Okthos, author of the book “Lifeforms“, has released a trio of excerpts in audiovisual form, one of which I had the pleasure of narrating.

Book synopsis, via

For centuries man has wondered about alien life, looking up at the stars and imagining another planet like Earth, another civilization like ours, another consciousness as intelligent as us.

What about alien life which is not like us? Beings which are too different to communicate with, too bizarre to comprehend, or too advanced to deal with on equal terms?

Lifeforms is a short story collection that aims to conceive of the unimaginable, and to blow away our comfortable
preconceptions of how first contact might go. From shape-shifting artefacts that exist outside of our timespan, to mind-altering superstructures, via addictive, corruptive technologies and different dimensions of existence.

What Was That Like Podcast

Last week I had the pleasure of recording some narration for Scott Johnson of the “What Was That Like” podcast. Prior to recording the story, we had some very interesting conversation about why we choose the stories we do, and what speaks to us about them.

The story that I read for Scott originally came from Reddit, and while we don’t know for sure whether the story is true or not, it’s definitely reasonable to say that, if so, it’s very interesting how sometimes people will come up with outlandish ways to extricate themselves from an awkward or embarrassing situation – only to create an even more embarrassing situation as a result of their ridiculous plan.

The What Was That Like podcast is a show about real people in real situations. Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re sad, sometimes they’re simply extraordinary. Scott has been able to sit down and talk to some very interesting people (62 episodes to date!) and has collected some incredible stories.

The story that I read is available through Scott’s podcast Patreon, in his mid-level tier, so you’ll need to subscribe to hear it – but you can listen to the podcast for free at, and live vicariously in some very special circumstances through other people’s eyes.

Underworld: Dark Harbor

About 8 months ago I had the opportunity to perform some tremendous writing as part of a collection of lore and backstory for a live-action roleplaying game called Underworld: Dark Harbor. The story was tremendous and I was very excited about it at the time. Now, quite some time later, I’m starting to see videos drop on the U:DH Facebook page!

The first one in the series they’re calling “Letters Never Received” is a letter from an inhabitant of Dark Harbor, named Elspeth Primrose, to her husband in another land. It’s a thrilling tale, and I wish I knew who the voice actor is! Please get in touch so I can properly credit you!

I will keep checking up on the project’s Facebook page (linked below), and will be sure to update if/when a certain Letter Never Received surfaces from a man named Colin, to his dearly beloved wife…

“Alive From The Dead”

Yes, it’s been a while since there was last any new content here. I hope anyone who has visited here in the meantime has been putting their time to good use listening to the Havok Story Podcast episodes – we’ve now released FIFTEEN episodes (the sixteenth, one of my all-time favorites, drops Friday at 11pm CST) and have eight still waiting in the wings for this year. It has been such an exciting journey over the last six months and I’ve had no end of fun producing stories, talking to authors, making connections with other voice actors and podcast producers, and generally making mischief.

Also, I’ve been able to branch out and do some other fun little projects as well! And that’s what I’m here to mention today. I had the pleasure of working on a student film project last week, titled “Alive From The Dead: News from Alan Clayton.” A lovely little film by Tim Roberts at Deakins University. I found Tim’s project through a Reddit post on r/RecordThis, and somehow managed to fake my way into being cast as Lieutenant Colonel James Gately, of the 19th Infantry Brigade of the Australian Imperial Force!

You can check out the embedded video above, or click on the image below!


It’s the real deal.

I’m very pleased to finally announce this brand-new project, in collaboration with Havok Publishing. I’ve been working with Havok authors for quite some time (see The Messenger, The Misfits, and a secret upcoming dramatized audiobook with a full cast!), and I was elated when Havok approached me to discuss doing a regular podcast series. I’d been secretly wanting to work with Havok for ages – but don’t tell them that! 😉

We’ve got quite a lineup ready to go, and I think you’ll like the stories we’ve already selected for our first season (but we’ll gladly take your suggestions if you have favorites!). We will release a new story every other week, year round – so twenty-six stories a year, plus the odd Holiday Special. As of today, the podcast is available on 12 podcast platforms, with more on the way – so if you would like to listen to it on a platform that isn’t currently available, just let us know and we’ll make sure it gets added.

Without further ado, I hope you enjoy — The HAVOK STORY PODCAST.


Spent the last couple of hours tonight working out a couple of auditions for new audiobook projects. Upping the ante just a bit – these books run out at 13 and 17 hours, respectively. Great fun in both of them – despite, I must admit, some trepidation at possibly quadrupling the length of my second production, I quite enjoyed the audition and I’m very hopeful that the author does also.

In other news, countdown to 3 days on podcast launch! Absolutely chuffed to have this podcast coming to life here. It’s very much the opposite of the audiobook auditions – I think my audition tapes were longer than any of these episodes – but they’re loads of fun. I got to stretch my chops quite a bit and we’ve only produced six episodes so far, haha. At a full 22 episodes per season I’m going to have my hands full.

“[Books are] the great uniter. An incredible force. Something that people who differ on everything and everything else, can have in common.” -Sara Dessen, on music

New Podcast!

I promised new things coming soon, didn’t I? Yes, my friends, time passes swiftly and launch day is nearly upon us. This Saturday, my new podcast project, a collaborative project with my favorite online publishing company, will launch right here in this space.

Come back on Saturday, March 21st, for the very first episode!

Reviews and New Things

“The narrator, Magnus Carlssen, gives a fine performance both giving gently individual voice to each protagonist (though on occasion his Irish accent felt questionable ) as well as reading with good pace, inflection and clarity. He certainly enhances the telling of the story.” -Norma Miles, Audible Review, “The Story That Had No Beginning”

Exciting new projects are on the horizon here! I have a long-term narration project in progress, which has the potential to continue as an ongoing production nearly indefinitely. I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time (easily since this time last year), and it’s finally coming about. Launch date is unofficially set for March 21st, so watch this space for further announcements!

The Story That Had No Beginning

Imagine this: a gritty gangster novel set in London. The characters seem so real you suspect they may be based on real people. What if the author just happens to be a former London police officer? Hmm…

Although not admittedly based on real events, the fact that author Daniel Kemp does indeed have all the background one might want to write a mystery crime novel with all the twist-ending one could hope for, does give the story a certain aura of gravity that I quite enjoyed. This story is rather mature in nature, as you might expect, but it also explores some unexpectedly introspective and reflective themes throughout its telling.

Just released on Audible today, I present: The Story That Had No Beginning (message me for a free download code!).