The Color Out of Space

Because there’s nothing like reading horror stories to broaden your range.

I chose this one because I wanted to do something more narrative, with little to no first-person dialogue. At the same time, I wanted something with some length and depth, without becoming overwhelmed with maintaining multiple characters and unique voices. As it was, this took twice as long to record as I expected, and at final edit is over 80 minutes.

Lovecraft is masterful at crafting a villain out of virtually thin air. The story builds to an intense, chilling climax around the 60-minute mark, and I have to admit I very nearly didn’t finish the project at that point.

Still, it’s an engaging read. Classic ghost storytelling at its best!

The Colour Out of Space (Audible)

(…of course they had to misspell my name!)

Septimus Bean and His Amazing Machine

In which I attempt to become Sean Connery, and fall quite short of the mark.

My oldest brought this home from the library one day, and I knew by page three that this would be my next audiobook project. It’s ridiculously lyrical, and enchantingly funny, and just fantastic enough to be completely unlike anything else.

Character voices are not my strong suit, but this story simply wouldn’t be read any other way. It practically demanded it.

Septimus Bean and His Amazing Machine (9:52)

Fenimore Cooper’s Literary Offenses

My first-ever full audiobook.

Mark Twain wrote this satirical exposé in 1895, roasting his fellow author Fenimore Cooper upon numerous crimes against the literary arts. So thorough and dismissive is the judgement Twain rains down upon Cooper that I could hardly read through this piece without completely breaking down into uncontrollable mirth. It remains one of my all-time favorite pieces of satire.

Fenimore Cooper’s Literary Offenses (31:07) —redacted for edits