There’s a running joke at my day-job office that if you want to say something, just say it. If you want to say it twice, have me say it.

As a child, I loved to read. I devoured books faster than the librarians could check them out. I spent a large proportion of my child and young adult years curled up with books.

Somewhere in my adulthood, perhaps around the age I began truly ‘adulting,’ I began to slow down my reading. There were always more important things that needed doing. I didn’t make time for reading anymore. By the time my first child arrived, I never read at all.

And then I began to read again.

I read children’s books, aloud, nearly every day. Most books ten times. I began to look forward to the narrative performance, to the lyrical rhythm of well-written books. I began to enjoy the speaking more than the reading itself.

And so I began to dabble in audiobook recording. Most of what I capture is not suitable or eligible for real distribution via Audible or other platforms, and so I created this site as a repository for bits worth sharing.

I hope you enjoy these performances as much as I enjoyed giving them.