“Alive From The Dead”

Yes, it’s been a while since there was last any new content here. I hope anyone who has visited here in the meantime has been putting their time to good use listening to the Havok Story Podcast episodes – we’ve now released FIFTEEN episodes (the sixteenth, one of my all-time favorites, drops Friday at 11pm CST) and have eight still waiting in the wings for this year. It has been such an exciting journey over the last six months and I’ve had no end of fun producing stories, talking to authors, making connections with other voice actors and podcast producers, and generally making mischief.

Also, I’ve been able to branch out and do some other fun little projects as well! And that’s what I’m here to mention today. I had the pleasure of working on a student film project last week, titled “Alive From The Dead: News from Alan Clayton.” A lovely little film by Tim Roberts at Deakins University. I found Tim’s project through a Reddit post on r/RecordThis, and somehow managed to fake my way into being cast as Lieutenant Colonel James Gately, of the 19th Infantry Brigade of the Australian Imperial Force!

You can check out the embedded video above, or click on the image below!


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