What I’m Reading

I took the summer off from studio work to spend more time outdoors, working on more warm-weather-sensitive aspects of the family business. Now that it’s September, and nights are getting chilly, I’ve started thinking about warming up the mic again. I spent a couple hours last evening in my home sound booth, making some improvements and prepping it for the upcoming recording season. Fun fact: wearing a nice sweater in the sound booth actually does make a difference in the acoustic environment.

Just because I haven’t produced anything, doesn’t mean I haven’t been consuming the work of other people. Since the production of “The Ushuaia Rabbit” I’ve enjoyed performances by Neil Gaiman, Jefferson Mays, Ray Porter, and R. C. Bray.

Jefferson Mays remains one of my all-time favorite narrators. I’ve listened to well over 60 hours of his work in the last year, and find myself seeking out new books based on his name, not the name of the author!

I also realized how much of a sci-fi acolyte I am. Three out of eight books in ‘The Expanse’ series by James Corey, a speedrun through ‘The Martian’ by Andy Weir (his book ‘Artemis’ was also entertaining), ‘Ready Player One’ by Ernest Cline…between these gems, the entire Mortal Engines series, and a smattering of Brandon Sanderson, I realize that fantastic fiction and mythical worldbuilding seems to be my go-to whether I realize it or not.

Next time I post here, I’ll have a new performance to share!

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